Siyathokoza ART Programme partners with Aurum Institute and Free State Department of Health


1 January 2013 – 31March 2013

Lindie Coleske reports that the project is receiving bulk ARV’s from the Department of Health.  There have been some stock shortages, but we have managed to resolve this by borrowing from the local Hospital and Clinics. We are negotiating with the DOH to supply us with OI meds and to amend the existing MOU.

As of 01/03/2013 The Aurum Institute took over from SACBC in regard to staff issues, contracts were signed and Aurum has taken over all HR issues and salaries until February 2014. They will also be employing additional staff where necessary through African Health Placements.

Sisters of the Holy Cross continue to refer patients for VCT.   We are also trying to test more couples and younger adults and children. In our new child-friendly room and with the help of puppets and toys we hope to make VCT a less scary event for them.

Adherence training has continued . New patients, who have completed their adherence training, will for the time being be transferred to local Government sites for treatment initiation, unless we have an opening. We have also identified a need for the re-training of some patients who have been on treatment for a long time.

All scripts have been replaced by the government script form.

All staff members are encouraged to do basic TB screening on all patients. Every patient, every visit, every time. Suspect patients are being referred to local clinics.

We have been testing men as they come. We have asked the Sisters at the Health Centre to encourage suspect patients to come for VCT, they know and trust the Sisters and we have had some measure of success with this.

We still attend meetings with the Department of Health. All our Lab work is done through the local Government Hospital.

Data is captured on the Patient Data System daily. Weekly back-ups and monthly PDS reports are e-mailed to SACBC/CRS. Our Data Capturers also attended a DOH training re the new system.

Some of the staff from Siyathokoza Clinic, the OVC and even a few patients recently attended a Caring for the Caregiver workshop, presented to us by a social worker from Famsa, through Bana Pele. It was part of a staff retreat funded by SACBC. DOH has indicated that we will be invited to their trainings as well.