SACBC AIDS Office signs agreements with the Departments of Health and Social Development, July 2012

The SABC AIDS Office has signed a long awaited agreement with the national Department of Social Development regarding co-operation at  NACCA, the National Action Committee for Children affected by AIDS.  The Office has been a member of NACCA since 2001, serving on various committees helping to formulate policies for children affected by AIDS, and working on the new children’s legislation and training for community child care workers.  The agreement recognises the contribution of the Church, and its presence at NACCA.  Going forward it is hoped that children in affected communities will be the beneficiaries of services provided through the Department.

The SACBC AIDS Office and the Tapologo ARV programme in Rustenburg have signed a service level  agreement with the Bojanala District of the North West Department of Health.   Its intent is to strengthen collaboration between the Church and the Department in the provision of anti-retroviral services to people served through Tapologo which is one of the biggest treatment projects of the SACBC AIDS Office PEPFAR funded treatment programme.  The Department has committed to providing anti-retroviral drugs in view of the pending ending of the PEPFAR grant.