Nzhelele Parish Joins Forces with Siloam Hospital to Mark World TB Day

Nzhelele Catholic Parish joins forces with Siloam Hospital at interfaith event to mark World TB Day in Vhembe District, Diocese of Tzaneen

Nzhelele reports that an interfaith event to mark World TB Day was planned jointly by the Nzhelele parish and Siloam Hospital and was held at the Hospital on the 17th April 2013. Adults and youth were targeted  (though the latter were at school), and about 100  adults attended..

The prayer service was led by Mr Mabaka and Mr Nevilimadi. Mrs Tshidzumba informed people about how TB spreads from one person to others, what to do to stop the spreading of TB, and what treatment is about. One of the TB clients confessed to defaulting on TB treatment.

Eighteen people were tested  for HIV,  all of them were negative, 15 female and 5 male.

The Hospital Choir entertained the people during the event.

The event linked with  the National Strategic Plan for HIV/AIDS/TB to get people to go for TB tests and take the treatment correctly, and to stop deaths related to HIV/AIDS.

Everyone was in good spirits; they felt welcome because everyone understood why they had gathered. Because of TB which is curable.