Makhema Family in Thaba Nchu, Archdiocese of Bloemfontein, gives shack back to the municipality

February 2013

Batho Ba Lerato, Thaba Nchu (Vlenter), Bloemfontein

Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 2.48.08 PMGoitsemang is living with her guardian (Makhema Gabaikanngwe) together with other children of her guardian. They live in 3 roomed shack and this shack Mangaung Local Municipality lent them because they were living in a mud house which collapsed during heavy rains in November 2009.

Names of members who live in this house are as follows: (1) Makhema Boipelo;  (2) Makhema Gabaikanngwe;  (3) Makhema Goitsemang;  (4)  Makhema Mojalefa;  (5) Makhema Olesego and  (6) Sehularo Baleseng.

They  depend on child support grants,  a guardian does some domestic work part-time and she has very little money to buy food and clothes.

During the assessment and home visits we discovered that Makhema’s family needs assistance with shelter because the Municipality sent them a letter requesting  them to return the shack. We saw a need for a two-roomed house for this family because children were crowded in one room.  There was being a boy who died early last year of skin cancer.

Photos of the completed house

Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 2.49.30 PMLetters from the beneficiaries

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