Kurisanani, London Mission, Diocese of Tzaneen

Kurisanani, London Mission, Diocese of Tzaneen

The SACBC AIDS Office met Sr Bernadette Gromanova and Rahab Malamane who run the OVC Project at London Mission which falls under Kurisanani  in the Diocese of Tzaneen.

There are fifty children registered, and some waiting to be registered once there is space.

On Saturdays twice monthly children attend workshops on HIV prevention and value formation.  The project is trying also to engage the services of volunteer English, science and maths teachers to assist especially grade eleven children.

During the week there are home visits, visits to schools, contact with principals and teachers, follow up on children who are on ARV treatment through Tzaneen hospital and local clinics, arranging for testing of children new in the programme, support to vulnerable families, assistance with IDs and grants.  The after school programme is not easy as children come from four villages, and don’t have easy access to transport.

In the recent shelter improvement project two families were assisted with renovations to their homes.  In one case this meant the completion of a house which had not been completed.  In the upcoming household support project six families will be supported with mattresses (the most wanted item), cooking pots, hotplates and kitchen items.  In the earlier project which saw children provided with blankets, tracksuits and towels, towels were the most popular item.