Diocese of Kroonstad OVC Project

Diocese of Kroonstad OVC Project

Sr Obehi Ogbeide, left of the Kroonstad pictured here with Yvonne Morgan of CATHCA

This month 1,221 OVC received services in their different drop-in-centres and centres. 452 children received child protection services through memory work, while other 3 were referred to the clinic for flu medication. 4 OVC had access to ARV treatment. 810 OVC received HIV prevention education and were encouraged to abstain from sexual activities in order to stop the spread of HIV disease. 1198 children received educational assistance through monitoring of attendance and assistance with homework. 30 OVC are still monitored on ARVs. 906 children received cooked meals on weekdays and weekends from their different sites. 48 children received clothing from the church community. 1,232 children received psychosocial support through mentoring, life skills, group support and spiritual support.

We had our World AIDS Day event on the 28th November 2012 in Hani Park and 255 people attended,  of whom 80 were children. We had 3 professional Nurses who were guest speakers in the areas of TB and HIV awareness and for  treatment adherence. There were question and answer sessions and many people asked questions in the areas of HIV and TB with regards to treatment compliance and adherence.  Afterwards, there was a candle light ritual and prayer intercessions to remember all those who are infected and affected by the HIV and TB pandemic.  It was very successful event.

Our care workers received ECD training in Virginia at St Augustine’s Church from 19th – 24th November 2012. 35 women and 3 men attended the training. The theme of the training was “Know yourself, child abuse, different cultural backgrounds, gaining of trust, confidence and respect”. Care workers were taught not to discriminate and to treat all children equally.

We continue to maintain our networking with the SACBC AIDS Office, US Embassy and the Department of Health Lejweleputswa district.  They assist us with funding and medical kits for our projects.  Through the help of ECD training the services at our centres are improving gradually and attendance has improved at the centres.