Khulisa Assessors visit Kopano Lerato

Khulisa Assessors visit Kopano Lerato

Khulisa Assessment. Kopano Lerato, Mercy site , Archdiocese of Pretoria, 14th September 2012

Priscilla Rakhetsi of the SACBC AIDS Office  accompanied the Khulisa Assessors to Kopano Lerato OVC project in Winterveld, Archdiocese of Pretoria.  The main objective of the assessment, as part of PEPFAR oversight of projects being supported with US government funding was to get an understanding of what kind of activities are being implemented at the site  level,   how those activities are being carried out and also to check the internal control measures. The following is what transpired during the site visit;

  • The assessors were impressed with the role played by the community child care forum in the project.
  • They also inspected the filing system of OVC files, policies, employee contracts and the financial documents.

There were a few recommendations from the assessors including:

  • encouraging the site to have formal relationship/ written agreement with its partners
  • having  a manual of operations to guide them on how they should carry out their daily activities so that a new employee can also be guided (induction training manual)
  • having a clinic form that will assist them to actual see what happened at the clinic so that they know what needs to be done
  • having a drop box system to store their data so that should the site accidentally lose its information they can just access that information from the drop box.

In general, the auditors were very impressed with everything.