Ixopo District: Transfer of Ethembeni Clinic/ St Apollinaris

Ixopo District: Transfer of Ethembeni Clinic/ St Apollinaris

Mr-Zuma Ethembeni Clinic St Apollinaris Hospital KZN


Ixopo District: Transfer of Ethembeni Clinic/St Apollinaris patient data to new Department of HealthSystem, Creighton, KZN Tony Linden of Catholic Relief Services met with Department of Health officials in the IXOPO Sisonke District Department of Heath Offices on 26th March 2012 to provide an update to the Department of Health on how the current Patient Data System (PDS) at Ethembeni Clinic can be integrated into the Tier2.net system required by the DOH in the province, and for St Apollinaris Hospital. Catholic Relief Services, supporting the SACBC AIDS Office PEPFAR funded ART programme, is providing the monitoring and evaluation services to the Ethembeni Clinic ART rollout at St Apollinaris Hospital in Creighton, KwaZulu Natal.

Present were Tony Linden (Catholic Relief Service for Centocow Development Trust/Tier.net Master trainer), Sthembiso Makhaye (District Programmes Manager), Paulina Mloi (HAST Programmes Coordinator), Thulani Zondi ( Facility Information Officer), Dumisani Mthalane ( HAST Office Assistant Data Capturer / Master Trainer).

Tony reported that the extraction progress was making good progress and that already the PDS data of the SACBC/CRS patients on ART can be imported into the DOH Tier.net system. There are still some challenges to be resolved. If the data is successfully exported from the PDS into the Tier.net system the hospital will be saved many hours of work in capturing back data of patients.

Currently at St Apollinaris Hospital data is being captured for Ethembeni clinic (ART clinic located in the Hospital grounds) as well as the following outreach sites: Donnybrook, Delamzi, Tarsvalley and Mwaneni. A decision will need to be made regarding the future capturing of data for these outreach clinics : whether the hospital will continue to capture the data and under which clinic the data will be stored.

Many patients have been down referred to a number of sites closer to their residences. The data for these patients is on the PDS under their respective down referral clinics and this information will need to be exported into the Tier.net system as well in order to ensure the overall cumulative total of all patients ever treated is kept.

As the Ethembeni Clinic is still PEPFAR funded the current data system (PDS) will need to run parallel to the Tier2.net system in order that PEPFAR reporting requirements are still being met. Once the grant comes to an end then a decision will be made on all the US government equipment, and the stopping of
the PDS system.

The Tier.net system can now be considered to be in back capture mode as the historical data of the patients is now being transferred from the PDS into the Tier.net system. This process of back capturing will ensure that once the import process data has been fully verified as correct the finalization before going live with the system will not be a lengthy process.