Home based Care - Refresher training.

Home based Care – Refresher training.

Home based Care  Refresher training for Keimoes-Upington, Polokwane and Rustenburg dioceses, at Koinonia, Johannesburg. May 2012, Nondumiso Jwara and Kabelo Huma

Participants from the dioceses of Keimoes – Upington, Polokwane and  Rustenburg participated over three days in a home based care refresher training course.

The participants were given an opportunity to express their expectations for the workshop, and these expectations were give special emphasis. They wanted updated information on HIV and AIDS, diabetes, hypertension and cancer, antiretroviral treatment, tuberculosis, pain management, opportunistic infections, wound dressing, first aid;  skills building in communicating with patients about the importance of disclosure and  the  care of the dying, in encouraging adherence to treatment, in supporting difficult clients.

Participants were informally assessed on what courses they had attended in relation to the work that they do, together with the experience they had in their organizations. They also completed a self-assessment tool to assess their own general knowledge before and after the training.Most of the participants had been trained in various home based courses, and a few of them had completed HIV and AIDS courses as well as ancillary nursing.

Facilitation was multi-lingual though the learning material is only in English.

All of them expressed a lot of passion and dedication for their work and were eager to learn. They were awarded certificates on the last day of the training.

Loreshnee Yirefu of Catholic Relief Services was present as an observer, Kabelo Huma and Nondumiso Jwara organised and  supervised the training.  Mrs Mary Nhlapho and Mrs Nonhlanhla Duba of Hospice Palliative Institute facilitated the training.