Frances Shannon Hospice, Diocese of Kimberley, World AIDS Day.

Theme  –  Abstain and have freedom to enjoy life to the full

  • Drama group of seven and eight year olds from Warrenvale school. Dramatising – praying and joyfully living a pure life.
  • Talk given by Mrs Sonnet Bryant  made 3 points

–       Developing a positive attitude in life.

–       To be 100% free of HIV one has to abstain and learn to say NO

–       For those infected the importance of adherence to medication, living a healthy lifestyle, no alcohol.

  • Drama group : ARV  managing the HI Virus
  • Self-Help group singing songs on living positively and joyfully at all times

The target group was the poor living in remote area.  For most this was the first time to attend a World AIDS Day celebration which they enjoyed and found very informative.  The number that attended  was 201. This includes the children.

For me the highlights were a very happy and satisfied group of people who enjoyed the concert, the food, the singing and dancing and the clear message. I was more than pleased at the number of people who turned out. For the majority I used my Bakkie and hired another Bakkie to transport them to our hall at Nazareth Mission Hall. A good number had to walk despite the heavy rain.

I would like to quote some of the comments made by the people.

–       “The little ones sang like angels I felt as if I was in Heaven already. I pray for them that they will be kept safe”

–       “I enjoyed the calm and lovely atmosphere, no fighting”

–       “Last year I attended a World AIDS Day Celebration and it was disrupted by people fighting and very drunk.”