Following up on child immunisations, Siyathokoza, Botshabelo

Following up on child immunisations, Siyathokoza, Botshabelo

Siyathokoza OVC Project in the Diocese helps get immunisation for a sick baby.

During home visits our carers found a sick baby in one of the homes.  Trying to register the child in our programme we found that the child has no documents at all (clinic card and birth certificates).

What had happened was that the mother did not get any antenatal care during her pregnancy; she gave birth at home, and did not seek any medical health after giving birth, and therefore the child was not registered for both immunisations and her birth.

We have so far managed to get the child into the clinic system and she received all the immunisations that she was supposed to have got.  We also referred the mother to get  psychological help, and after her sessions she decided to keep the baby.

We are still in the process of working with the social worker and Home Affairs to get the child registered so that she can obtain a birth certificate.

We really feel that this is a big achievement for both the mother and the child.