Diocese of Kroonstad Development Agency

Household Items Project

The Diocese of Kroonstad provided a report on the provision of household items and mattresses to needy families of orphan and vulnerable children. The families were identified through the previous housing renovation project when staff went to access the living conditions of these families.  Some families sleep on the floor or on very old and flattened mattresses.  There were also insufficient plates, cups, spoons and other household item, and some  were broken.

The needs were different from one family to the other but the most needed items were:

kitchen utensils and mattresses to reduce the effects of cold and discomfort from the floor.  It was a good thing to provide these items for these households since the project had improved the buildings as well.


The family has 3 people living in the house.  The family is headed by the Aunt.  The children are orphaned as their mother had passed away.  They are 17yrs old twins (a boy and a girl).  The only income for the family is the foster care grant for the twins.  Their aunt is unemployed.  The twins need  money for school trips, clothes and uniforms.  Their caregiver discovered them and provided support for the family.  The twins and their aunt are very happy now they have eceived pots, spoons, plates and  bowls.


This family consists of 9 people.  Five children, 3 boys ages 7, 8 and 10, and 2 girls ages 2 and 16.  They had a few plates and spoons which were old, some broken and leaking.  They are very happy to have  received different items.


There are 3 people in the family.  Two children aged 9 (girl) and 7yrs old boy are living with their unemployed and sick mother.  They receive a grant and it is the only means of income for the family.  During the week, the children have their meals at school and one meal at home.  The mother could not afford to buy kitchen utensils as the money is only enough for groceries and electricity.  They are very happy and grateful for the household items received from the OVC project to support their family.