Collaboration in Blaauwbosch, Diocese of Dundee, with the Department of Health

Theresa Bossert of the SACBC AIDS Office visited Newcastle on 8th and 9th May 2012, and for  a meeting involving the  Catholic Church Antiretroviral Treatment, Blaauwbosch,  programme with the Department of Health officials of the Amajuba District.  Great strides have been made in the collaboration between the Church and the Department of Health in Newcastle.

Rosary Clinic Blauuwbosch,  formerly owned by the Dominican Sisters of Newcastle, and now a Department of Health facility and the Blaauwbosch  ARV clinic are newly integrated as far as patient services are concerned. Rosary Clinic is a primary health clinic and the SACBC AIDS Office supported ARV clinic at Blaauwbosch  initiates patients on antiretroviral treatment in the area.

A parkhome formerly utilised by the PEPFAR funded Blaauwbosch ARV programme at one of the Church satellite treatment centres has been handed over to the Department of Health for HIV Counselling and Testing Services at a taxi rank in Newcastle.  Water and electricity connections are being installed and it is expected to be operational in June.

The district is moving towards 100% NIMART, the Nurse initiated management of patients on ARV therapy.  The nurses at the Blaauwbosch ARV clinic are NIMART trained, and the facility will not need to employ the services of a doctor in the new programme year.

The SACBC AIDS Office had organised retreats/debriefing sessions on  3rd  and 10th March 2012 at Maria Ratschitz for Department of Health nurses.

Amajuba district has been  chosen to pilot the NHI (National Health Insurance) they will be evaluated for this first year.