Batho ba Lerato, Archdiocese of Bloemfontein

Batho ba Lerato, Archdiocese of Bloemfontein

Batho ba Lerato sent in the following report for  July 2012.  468 children were served in the OVC  programme.

“Clinical nutritional support:- In many of the areas we serve, there have been problems with malnourished children. Workshops were held with parents to discuss healthy lifestyles and nutrition. Parents were supplied with seed to plant fresh vegetables. Two sites were assisted.

Child protection:- Memory work was conducted with154 children. Most of the children are orphans and they were given an example of a Family Tree. The children were interested and participated actively and spoke openly;  they also made drawings of their feelings and emotions.  We gave them boxes where they will put their drawings and notes of what they have written.

HIV prevention education:- The church council was helpful in assisting with the HIV prevention programmes;  they advised children and held discussions with them.  Behaviour, needs and values, promotion of abstinence and partner reduction as well as peer education was discussed. Group discussions were also held where older boys were invited to discuss their challenges with each other to encourage peer education.

Educational support:- 381 children between the age of 5-12 yrs were assisted with school uniforms, and 4 were assisted with their school work; child care workers assisted in monitoring their school work and monitoring their attendance at school.  This included those who have extra classes where they need assistance with Maths and Science.

Household Economic Strengthening:- 77  families were assisted with seeds, because their children were malnourished and need to eat fresh vegetables and 87 children will benefit from this. The school that had previously received seeds now has a productive garden.

Psychosocial support:- Our chess groups are continuing and the current members are busy teaching new children, to enlarge the pool of active players  and to create challenges and competitions. The children also play cards and Monopoly , learning strategy and thinking skills.

Non-clinical food:- With the help from SASSA we manage to distribute food parcels to 181 children and their families. Children also receive food plates after activities and extra classes for major subjects like Mathematics and Science.

Shelter:-  We continued distributing blankets, bath towels and pillows to families – 150 children this month. In honour of Mandela Day clothing that had been collected from private businesses and various community members was also distributed to families in need. Some community members volunteered their time to paint a clinic in Dewetsdorp. The following day Dewetsdorp caregivers with the assistance of the local municipality cleaned the primary school that they work with.    

Touching others lives in a way that you see a difference and bringing change to them is important and valuable. We find families who do not know when their next meal will come from and that was so touching, but for that day we brought a smile to others.

There is no duty as urgent as that of thanksgiving, thank you for your support, the lives we touch leaves an imprint in other people’s hearts. Life is like an undersized blanket, you pull it up your feet stick out, you cover your feet, your shoulders get cold, but if you’ve learned to bend your knee in prayer, you will be covered from head to toe and still have enough room to cover all those you love.  (Source not named)

Thank you again.”