Amolegang Support Groups for Those on Treatment

Amolegang Support Groups for Those on Treatment

Amolegang in the North West sent us a brief message to tell us something about the support groups they run for adults and children on antiretroviral treatment.

Amogelang Support Group
Amogelang support group started in 2003 with 4 members, now up to 20. We meet every second Saturday of the month. The support group was formed for us to support one another spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally. At our meetings we start with Bible study, and share on the challenges around adherence to treatment. The support group has a strategic plan and a code of conduct to guide our actions.

In 2010 Amogelang also established a support group for 20 children living with HIV/AIDS. Recently the membership of the support group was increased to 40 Kids. The programmes are geared towards children.

Some challenges we face

  1. No safe transport to collect children from different villages to attend the meetings.
  2. Number of children increasing.
  3. Grandparents finding it hard to disclose to children their status.