Amatikwe Clinic, Archdiocese of Durban, organises Interfaith World TB event

Amatikwe Clinic, Archdiocese of Durban, organises Interfaith World TB event

Sr Juliana Ndlovu reports on an interfaith World TB event, involving members of the Anglican, Lutheren.Zionist, Shembe and Roman Catholic Churches held at Eqinisweni Primary School .

Background of  Inanda, Matikwe

The Matikwe Clinic is situated in a semi urban area, at the place known as Inanda. It has big population of immigrants. Most of these people come from Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique and Lesotho.

The  occasion to provide  TB awareness and screening was welcomed.The event was quickly organised, the clinic working hand in hand with the Principal of Eqinisweni. We targeted the School since  young people at this stage “have ears to listen”. Our young adults seem to be overpowered by the occasions in life which lure them to do things that dispose them to contract TB and suffer consequences. We can help them not to repeat the same mistakes but young children can have awareness and we wanted to make a safer society, free of TB. We invited all people who are responsible for the community at large. Mr Sduduzo Khuzwayo was not available that day but he sent his colleagues to re present the Ward. Miss Thabisile Nyawuza was there for the councillor.

Awareness Day! Our slogan of the Day was: Together we can stop TB.

Speeches were given by representatives  from the different organisations. People had good knowledge of AIDS but little about TB. They just cough without closing their mouth, default on  treatment. Poverty is the major contributors to poor health through food insecurity. We experienced the many challenges as stakeholders of the area of Inanda. The health workers were brought forward to explain, their experience as they are helping people with TB. All people in the area were invited to start to work together for the best of our children. Community health workers delivered the message of hope although they face challenges of those who don’t commit themselves to take medication.

We spoke about our challenges and we committed ourselves to work together and promote a healthy life style. Collaboration in a way that we are promoting Faith in Action. Taking a risk as church leaders and serve the community with harmony.