Aliwal Diocese Welfare & Development Committee AIDS Office

Aliwal Diocese Welfare & Development Committee AIDS Office

•  General Education Support: During the end of the term children were assisted with examination preparation and revision for subjects including mathematics, science, English Xhosa and Sotho. Group and individual discussions were done with the use of study guides. Some schools were visited to monitor attendance. St. Martin Pre- School celebrated 15 children graduating and they will be going to Grade R next year.

•  Child Protection: Some children were assisted to renew their grants. At Sizanani the care workers, parents and guardians attended a workshop facilitated by a social worker on how to provide children with food, shelter and also how to renew the child support grant.  At Sithunyiwe children had group sessions on children’s rights, child abuse.

•  General Health Care: At St. Martin Pre – School children were taken to the clinic for immunization. 3 children from the same family were screened and tested for TB. They are all TB positive and admitted to Aliwal Hospital where they were also diagnosed as malnourished. These children stayed with the grand mother who has 10 OVC from 0 to 14 years in the family. The site is currently assisting the nurse to obtain clinical nutritional support for the other children in the home on TB treatment.

•  HIV prevention Education: Awareness campaigns were done to promote screening for HIV, AIDS and TB; workshops were done at some sites. Methods of how to stop the spread of TB e.g. to open windows, how to cover one’s cough and all the general precautions to be taken. House of Hope provided Education for Life sessions and stories.

•  We held a retreat for 60 caregivers from all sites for 3 days 26 – 28 November. We received funding from the Germany Embassy for 90 caregivers.

•  House of Hope, St. Martin and Lesedi Hospice’s 6 site coordinators and their helpers had 5 days computer training from the 2 German Volunteers at our site. Our hope is that all the sites use computers and stop hand written reports and correspondence.

•  There was a lot of interaction with Departments of Health and Social development visiting the sites and providing  assistance to do funding proposals. Meetings with the Municipal Local AIDS Council to finalise the municipality 5 year strategic plan. All the NGOs in the municipality are now on the data base of the municipality.

•  Reporting from Lesedi Hospice remains a problem and we have requested that they assign new staff for the reporting of statistics and narratives. The new staff will receive training from the main office.

•  Heavy rains hindered some of the activities that had been planned. The heavy rains also influenced the road conditions making it difficult to provide home visits.  Our celebrations for AIDS day was also rescheduled from 30 November to 9 December due to the rains.