Aliwal Diocese Welfare and Development Committee

Aliwal Diocese Welfare & Development Committee provided a report on the shelter renovations they were able to do in support of vulnerable children and families.

At House of Hope and St Martin in Aliwal North more than 80 households benefited from the shelter improvement program. Four shacks were re-habilitated, and other houses received locks, doors, windows, painting.

  • Nonzwakazi Maki stays with an uncle and aunt and eight other orphaned children. The family receives the child support grant and the disability grant for buying food and paying for the doctor and buying electricity. The house was leaking and the walls had holes.
  • The family registered is Ndzongwana. There are 5 children, who are Sibangile, Mbuyiselo, Anele, Zizipho and Siphelele, They stay with their mother and father. The mother is not working but they receive a child support grant. The house did not have a window and a proper door.
  • The family registered is Siningile. There are 8 children registered in this house. They stay with their older sister, so it’s a child headed house. She is not working. Only two of them are getting foster care grants and two others are getting a child support grant. The house was leaking and the walls were cracked, the ceiling was falling. We managed to repair the walls and the ceiling.

What the children say:

  •  “The government has helped us with houses but the houses are not in a good condition. Most of them have horrible cracks, leaking roofs and easily damaged locks. We are a family of four. We live in a two room house. The house has a leaking roof which has made us really sad because in rainy, dusty weather, we live in fear because the water and dust get inside.”
  •  “We are a family of 12 members ,9 children and 3 adults. We would like to thank the project for fixing the cracks for us and putting in new locks. We were not safe at all because we are a family of females and young children. We used to close the door with a little table and close the cracks with clothes because they were so big we were able to see outside. We had sleepless nights because but now we are safe. All thanks to the Diocese and SACBC AIDS Office.”
  •  “We are a family of 16 members: 2 grandparents, 14 children from 0 to 17 years old, both girls and boys. We are staying in a 2 room house. Our parents died two years ago and others earlier this year. We had a very difficult challenge when we need to wash, eat or sleep since we had to do everything in one place. We now have the privacy to wash and we are also sleeping comfortably. We are able to read our books in a quiet place. All thanks to the project and SACBC for their help, may God help them.”